Tuesday 6 December 2016

BLL Lifestyle || Blogmas #4 Dealing with Holiday Stress & Anxiety

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Tis the season of Parties, Family Gatherings, Gift buying and giving, Festive movie nights in with hot chocolate & sweet treats, christmas markets & food glorious food! All sounds pretty wonderful doesn't until of course the panic sets in "Have I got time to get everything I need?!", "Or do everything I need to do!", "Have I forgot anyone's gift!?", "I'm really not looking to seeing so and so!", "I don't even want to look at my bank account!!"

Yes it may be the most wonderful time of the year but it can also be the most stressful & sometimes for someone with an anxious mind like me it can be a little too much. Don't get me wrong its still my favourite time of the year but sometimes I need to take a breathe just so I don't get too stressed out. Here are a couple of things I like to do so that the holiday season doesn't become a little too much!!!

As an anxious person in general life can be tough at the best of times but this time of year I have to say I myself feel the pressure of Christmas looming upon me. Ironically its my favourite time of year even though the stress levels can sky rocket. I have to put measures in place or atleast try and remember certain things when I feel the stress building. Here are a few of my tips -

  • Planning - I have already talked about this in the past couple of days so if you missed out all the links are below. Ok lets be real, Its pretty much impossible to be planned to perfection because life isn't perfect. Not everything is going to go your way but if you are somewhat organised at least when some unexpected things crop up or go wayward then they won't seem as big or stressful. 
  • Breathe - Seems simple right? It's not. Its wierd but for something we do unconsciously from the day we are born, we seem to forget it alot (I know I do) Sometimes life can seem too much! & When it does take a minute and concentrate on your breathing soon you will feel calmer. It might sound crazy but believe me it works.
  • Ground Yourself - Sometimes with all that hussle and bussle it's easy to get swept up in it. That is the intention of marketers, Shop owners & product producers - Get caught up and spend more. Unfortunately this means it can take you away from real life a little bit. We forget that Christmas is just (technically) one day! So we get flustered and stressed!! Thinking irrational thoughts of how everything will be ruined if we don't get a certain gift for someone or the food or the decorations just right! I find going out in nature for a while helps.. away from the lights and music and advertising. Out into the woods or just out in the fresh air. It really helps to clear your head before you get back into the ring for round 2!     
  • Have "ME" Time - Sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves and by this I mean our mind and soul. All that stress is just no good. Try to balance it out by taking some time, even 10 minutes, Just to do something for you, Watch your favourite TV show, Read a book, Go for a walk, Have a bath... Whatever it is that makes you feel like you again! 
  • Sleep! - In my opinion this is the most important tip!! Sleep is essential to our mental health and overall well being. While we are sleeping we are recovering our body and mind, repairing and renewing! Every stress and problem increases ten fold when we are tired. After a good nights sleep we are more likely to be able to problem solve and mutli-task and just take on whatever life throws at us in general! #winningatlife. Ever since developing anxiety sleep is the one thing I try to never compromise on! No time to get 8 hours? Nap! You are never to old to nap! 40 winks and you will be fighting fit! 
  • Eat Right! - Sometimes we can be so busy we forget to eat, this takes its toll on your body. How are you expected to be at your peak when your in full throttle mode if your body is running on fumes! Give it the best fighting chance you can! The best way to take on Christmas is with all guns blazing, that means body, mind & soul! 

These are my 6 six tips for taking on the stresses of the holidays! Please leave me any of your tips in that comments as I would love to read them!!

Chat soon x 


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