Wednesday 7 December 2016

BLL Blogmas #6 || 8 Things to do this holiday season!!

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to #Blogmas day 6!! Now I know sometimes it feels like there isn't enough time in the day around this time of year! However if you find yourself with a day off or an evening free here are 8 ideas to get you in the festive mood!! 


Okay so this is kind of dependent on where you live but most cities will have one around this time of year.. in Ireland, The UK and the States I think.... Hmm..... Don't quote me on it. Anyway if you happen to be lucky enough to have one near you then avail of the opportunity! Grab your other half or bestie and slip and slide to your hearts content. It's good exercise (depending on how good you are at it) and you might have sore muscles in the morning but I guarantee you will have a lot of festive fun!!

Grab a coffee

One of my favourite things to do at winter time is to go get a festive coffee or hot chocolate with my bestie. I like to sit outside of the shop, under the heaters and look at all the hustle and bustle or shoppers and people performing on the streets.  The atmosphere is so nice with all the lights and christmas music coming out of each store! If that doesn't fill you with holiday cheer.. nothing will!! 

Read a festive book

Sometimes when you are so busy it can be hard to feel festive. I find that reading a festive book before bed or watching #vlogmas on Youtube makes me feel more in the mood to take on Christmas and all it has to throw at me! At the moment I am reading Cecilia Ahern - The Gift. Review coming soon.

Treat Yo'self

Ok so we all do it. I'm looking for gifts for other people & I think you know who would like that? Linda! haha but that's not the kind of treat yourself I mean. I mean a pamper night. Get all your favourite products with christmassy scents and take an evening to forget about the outside world, treat your hair, skin, nails.... Why not? You deserve it!

Get Creative  

If you have an evening free why not get creative? This could mean with your christmas cards or wrapping gifts, decor, baking or DIY gifts! Its always nice to create christmassy things, brings you back to your childhood & the days of Santa Claus!!

Movie Night

Again grab your favourite humans or animals and have a Christmas themed movie night!! From classics to new faves! Include pizza and some festive treats and you have a party!! Perfect holiday evening!!

Christmas Market

Now I am more confident these do take place in most places in the world. Markets are so nice. A lot of handmade crafts and food. I just love the atmosphere.. Definitely a good way to spend and evening making memories!


There are always a ton of events going on around the holiday season just look up your local area online and you a sure to find something that looks like fun!! A pantomime, festival, music show! Give it a go you never know what you might find!!

Here are just a few of my ideas. Let me know in the comments any of your festive ideas on ways to spend the holidays!! Also let me know if you have done any of these ideas. I would love to here your experiances!!

Chat soon x


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