Tuesday 6 December 2016

BLL Blogmas #5 || Pennys / Primark Winter Lifestyle Goodies Haul!

Hello friends, 

Today I have another haul for you guys but this is one includes clothes and cuddly things! I love Pennys/Primark at the best of times but Autumn/Winter definitely has to be my favourite time to shop in there! Here are a few items I picked up recently! 

Cream Winter Coat - E15.00

I have been looking for a coat and I found the perfect one in Pennys! It is thick & warm but flattering all the same. Hits just below your hips and comes in at the waist. The only thing I will say is to try it on before you buy it because I'm generally a size 8 - 10 but in this coat I was a size 6! So don't just pick up your size and assume it is going to fit you! 

Rose Bomber Jacket - E19.00

I have really liked the bomber jacket trend but couldn't find one that I liked enough to pick up.... until I saw this one! It's a dark blush rose colour with rose gold detailing!! I just couldn't resist it!

Runners - E15.00

Runners have been another thing on my list to pick up! I saw these and just had to have them in my life! They are burgundy & white in colour and I was just drawn to the colour and shape of them too. They are actually comfortable as well! Well done Pennys! 

Onsie - E10.00

Everyone needs new pajamas at Christmas time! They just do! End of! My tradition, which started 3 years ago, is a Christmas Onsie! I get one every year & this year I picked up this one. I know Its not very Christmassy but I thought it was fun! 


Earrings - E2.00

Finally last but not least I picked up these beautiful rose gold earrings (I really can't stay away from the rose gold... as hard as I try. I'm just drawn to it!!) I don't usually wearing earrings that often but these were just so pretty I thought maybe during the party season I might get some use out of them and for E2 you just can't go wrong! 

That's my little haul but I am so happy with my purchses!! Have you had a recent Pennys / Primark Haul!? Let me know in the comments on any cute things you have picked up recently or leave links to your posts and videos!!

Chat soon x


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