Friday 2 December 2016

BLL Lifestyle || Blogmas #2 Christmas Organisation Tips!!

Hello my friends, 

Welcome back to day 2 of my Lifestyle Blogmas! #stillcantbelieveit Today I thought we would open up the conversation about how to organise Christmas.

Right so we have T minus 22 days to the big event!! Which if we haven't done so already we need to get out asses into action right now. Oh Boy! Where to begin?

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First things first - Finances

We need to sit down and take a look at what Christmas is likely to cost this year. Have a rough number in your head of how much you are willing or able to spend on all the festivities! Think realistically about this. We all tend to go a little overboard at Christmas. Its so hard not to!! but think about you bank account before you make any extravagant purchases or you will pay for it in 2017. Don't forget the true meaning of Christmas after-all!!!

List Making

Next get out your pen and notebook or laptop (Im just more of a pen and paper kind of girl #lovestationary) and start making lists and budgets. Divide all the items on your list into categories e.g - Home decor, Pressies, food, Celebrations, new Christmassy makeup of outfit..... and so on.... Then you will have to break these down even further to how much you want to spend at each event or on each persons gift or any one item like a tree for example.


This really can be the hardest part sometimes but I really don't believe that just walking around and hoping that you will find something just right is always the best way to go about this. Make a list of each person in your life that you plan to buy a present for. Then start brainstorm gift ideas for them. Some people will obviously be easier than others but even if you write down some of their hobbies of interests then you will start form ideas in your head, plus if you are out window shopping at any point you might have a better chance of spotting something perfect for them if you already have some ideas floating around in your head already. 

Get Personal

Another thing to think about (of course time depending) is getting more personalised with you gifts. this can include making some of your own gifts if your feeling crafty, baking nice treats to accompany your gifts or personalising the cards and packaging. Not only will it be very well recieved by your loved ones but its also good for the bank balance too! Win, Win!

Food glorious food

Im in a very fortunate situation as to where not only will I be having Christmas dinner in my family home with my crazy but amazing family but my boyfriend is also a chef. #luckygirl Although it is something I plan on working on in 2017 Im not the most talented with food. However if it is your responsibility to organise the turkey and ham this year there are always food bloggers on hand to help you!! I would also (because I am list making fiend) write out everything I needed, the timeline for all the food, any people that will be around to help, how many will be dining with you... Basically everything and anything so that there would be less to worry about on the day.

Rocking around the Christmas

One of my favourite parts of Christmas, decking the halls!! However this too needs organising. What type of tree are we going to have? Where and when are we going to get it? How much are we willing to spend? When and how are we going to decorate the house? Who will help us? Do we need any more decorations and ornamants? (haha silly question!!)

I wish it could be Christmas everyday!!

Time to think about all those festive things you want to do around Christmas from ice-skating to work parties. I think the earlier you plan these the better, from how much you want to spend to what you want to wear. If you plan these early there will be less fear and panic closer to the time when you have 100 and 1 other things on your mind!

I think one the keys to a successful Christmas is planning! Time is a luxury we don't always have and Christmas always seems to just pass by in a whirlwind.. So as long as we plan we can make the most out of the most wonderful time of the year!!

There you have my little tips for day 2!! If you did not catch yesterdays post then you may not know that this year, not only am I doing Blogmas here on my Lifestyle blog but I am also doing Blogmas on my Beauty Blog. Thats a post everyday on both blogs until Christmas!! You can hop on over now to check whats happening over there by clicking on the link below! I will also have a link to yesterdays Lifestyle post to catch up there too!!

Have you any tips you would like to share with us on organising the holiday season!? Please let us know in the comments so we can all have a successfully organised Christmas!! 

Chat soon my friends!!

See you tomorrow!!

Thank You For Reading


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