Monday 4 January 2016

2015 Reflections....

Hello my Friends,

Once again another year has past (is it just just me or are they moving faster!!?) It feels like yesterday that I was sitting here writing my 2014 Reflections. Oh Well Here we go again I guess.

This year has been a massive year of change for me not all good but not terrible.I feel like a learned a lot of life lessons and I learned a bit about myself ... Again not all good but not terrible... I feel like the latter half of the year just flew by as I was just trying to keep up with my own life!!

What I learned in the past 12 months..

I learned that sometimes you just need to ask for help and guidance and that is OK. I learned that the wall I use to keep from getting hurt is much stronger than I realised and that is something I need to work on. I learned its easy to fall for someone you barely know (which up until now never thought was possible) but I also learned that things do not always work out the way you want them to (& thats not necessarily a bad thing) I learned that even at the ripe old age of 25 I am nowhere near being a proper adult but thats ok too. I learned that bravery comes in many forms & sometimes the bravest of people do not show it at all. 

I learned that not all change is bad. I changed jobs and made some wonderful friends. I moved back home due to housing crisis and got to spend a bit more time with family. I have reconnected with people from my past which has been both good and bad but once again not terrible. I got to complete a couple of things before my 30 before 30 and more on the way!! Another thing I learned about change is that it can happen over night almost both for better and worse and there is nothing you can do about. I learned that I have a massive problem with relaxing and that is something I also need to work (I see many massages coming my way in 2016 haha) 

Finally I learned that not only do I need to relax but I need to live in the present more, worrying about the past and trying to anticipate the future really leaves you with nothing but with a headache and anxious feeling in your chest. As my mam always says if its meant to be then it will be. Shes right I need to learn to sit back and let the universe work its magic.

Highlights for me! 

  • Going to Galway for 3 days with my family, Staying in The G and Going horse riding again!
  • Living with my brother & sister for 3 months! So random how it worked out but alot of fun!! Like old times (sort of) just for one summer!!
  • Changing jobs and meeting so many new great people. Some i have become very close to!! Awesome!!
  • Spending time at home again, back to my roots, where I came from. Its had its challenges and ups and downs but I know once I move out chances are I wont be moving back again so this has been good!!! 
  • Finally getting tickets to see Russel Howard. Hes someone I have wanted to see for ages an also its a great way to kick off the new year of fun and adventures!!  

My Goals last year

Blogging & Youtubing

Although I kept up-to-date with other peoples blogs and youtube channels I was not very consistant with my own blog nor did I get my channel up and running again. This is for a lot of reasons but is something I would like to rectify and get back on track with this year.


This is something I definately got better and more specifically budgeting but it is something that I will continue to improve in 2016

Travel (Getting on a Plane)

Still have not managed this but I have not forgotten about it at all. Time and money more than anything else have been the reason for this not happening.

Read More

I did read some great books during the year and I will try to up my game this year!!

Pass my Driving Test

Not yet! Oh well soon, soon.....


Ok not even going to lie... totally did not do this but I really want to get back into it as I love it when I do it but then other things get in the way and living an hour from the city doesnt help. But this year I will be reporting back to guys with all the different classes I attend!!

So there you have it! doesnt look like much progress if Im honest (Goal wise anyway) but I dont even feel bad because this year has been so crazy for me with change!! Mentally this has been a really challenging and important year I feel. Besides like I said last year - If at first you dont succeed there is always tequila!! haha!! This year though Im going to make me more of a priority, What I want to do..Who I want to spend my time and what goals I want have completed in the next 12 months.

I will see you 2mro with my post on my 2016 - Resolutions and Goals.

Chat soon x  

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