Monday 11 January 2016

Organisation month - Failure to plan is planning to fail

Hello There!,

I hope 2016 has been good to you so far!!! However there is a long year left to think about!! So this month I plan on sorting things out for the coming year and fast track me onto a fantastic year as a "strong independent woman"

I dont know about you but I always start to feel very motivated after the holiday season. Well like everyone else I have a couple of days where Im just trying to wake up from my food coma, make myself leave my bed or couch and learn how to be a proper human again but once I do I always feel a renewed sense of "Get up & go" and tend to get a bit of a "Bring it on attitude". "Come at me! Show me what you got!" 

So for the First Installment of this monthly series I want talk about thinking about all the fun things or trips you want to take this year. Most of us have other jobs in our daily lives, even if we are bloggers as well. Many of us have families, partners or children to look after. Whatever our circumstances it generally means that it is not often that you can leave all the fun things you want to do to the last minute.. a little planning is required, be it time off work, babysitters or what have you. 

What Im going to do this month is make a list of all the big things I know I want to do in 2016, google people I might want to see performing, holidays I might want to take, road trips, shows or events. I going find out the dates and details and see which ones are plausible and make plans to get there. This will work out in your favour for many reasons 

  • Tickets for planes, travel & accommodation are usually cheaper the earlier you buy them
  • Events and shows usually have early bird tickets available meaning again, they are cheaper
  • You will usually get your time off from work the earlier you book it so win,win
  • You will able to arrange people (ie children or family memebers) the more notice you give them
  • You will be able to save and sort out your finances as will know what and when you are saving for.
  • You will have something to look forward to!!!!!

I hope this idea gave you guys some inspiration for fantastic trips in the coming year!! This is what I will be doing tonight!! 

Let me know in the comments if you have made any plans for fun trips yet!?
Or if you have any Ideas for anywhere I might like to go or see!!

Chat soon x

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