Wednesday 27 January 2016

Taking Life Lessons from Animals...

Hello Friends, 

Have you ever just looked at your cat curled up or your dog lying spread out on the floor and thought "What must it be like to be them?" Well I currently have my own baby Charlie curled up with me as I am writing this and that is what inspired this post. Charlie is quite content curled up not a care in the world. There are many reasons for this and we could learn a thing or two from our furry friends. 

Every member of the animal kingdom (including ourselves) has a primal instinct. We are the only species that dont follow it for the majority. Animals work off what the 5 senses and gut instinct. They work off all the information they have to hand. They make sure all their basic needs are met. Once this is done all they worry about is what they want to do at that time. Animals dont judge based on race, religon, politics, sexuality, gossip, drama or any of the things that influnce human decision when meeting new people. They judge off respect. You treat them well they treat you with all the love and affection in the world. You treat them bad they have no time for you, flight or fight. They dont understand argument and logical reasoning. Actions speak louder than words. I believe in the premise "Never trust someone who doesnt like animals, but always trust the animal if they dont like the person!" This is because animals arent judging the person on their job, achievements, IQ, looks, what they say or how much money they have. Its a gut instinct of who the person is. They dont care about anything else.

What can we learn from our animal friends?

Judge on actions not words
We should only judge people for who they are. Not what they have or any outside influences. Do you think charlie cares if your a billionare? What religon you believe in? What colour you are? If you gay or straight? No (neither do I for that matter but for some people they will genuinely judge people off material possessions or things they have no control over) 

Be who you are
Charlie is a cat! (although sometimes I feel like he is human) He knows he is a cat. Hes not trying to impress anyone not trying to under cut anyone. Hes just living his life the most comfortable way he knows how. If he has a problem (which is rare) with the other cats, dogs or humans in the house you will know it, he is not going bit*h about one to another. 

Stop worrying about the past and getting anxious about the future
One of the amazing things about animals is that even though they remember and learn from the past they live in the moment. They dont worry about whats coming and spend their day worrying about the past they just live. This is something Im guilty of all the time, worrying and over thinking! It doesnt help and to be honest I think charlie has the right idea. 

Love as much as possible
Nothing makes me happier than coming home after a long days work and Charlie is on my bed waiting for me, or like right now when Im writing and working Charlie jumping up onto my bed and curling up with me. Or when Im sad he always seems to sense and will stay right by my side! I dont know how animals do it but I think again its because they are reading you and not what you are saying. We should take a leaf out of their book and just love the people we are with and not only that SHOW them we love them! Animals have a much short life span than us but they spend their whole life (if you let them) enjoying their time and loving their families (both human and furry) They, without even knowing it, make the life they want and create it for themselves. They continue each day without looking back with regret or being afraid of the future.

If we applied as much of this to our lives as we could how much happy do you think we would be!? Living for the moment, no judgement, being completely ourselves without fear & loving the people around us. We all love our animals and they love us in their way but I really think we could learn from them.

Chat Soon x

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