Tuesday 5 January 2016

The Curse of Overthinking...

Hey Guys,

So Im sitting at home scrolling through social media news feed both private and public & Ive got a situation buzzing around my head (love life of course ... would it be any other!) & in my head I can just hear voices of family members and loved ones. I can hear my mam saying "Linda, your overthinking things again" and close friends saying "I know its hard but your probably over thinking things" & "calm down, your just over thinking"

That got me thinking (of course haha) how do we stop this!? So I decided to start writing and see what happens.. maybe a post or maybe just somewhere to clear my head and delete again.. we'll see. 

As many of you will already know I suffer from anxiety & I am aware I am not alone in this. However I also think that some people who don't suffer from this must be prone to this too!? Am I wrong? Anyway from an anxious point of view there is this constant feeling of needing to know whats coming, a feeling of needing to be prepared if you will. This means it puts me on edge if I feel like there may be a situation that may not end well that Im not prepared for you know. (I really don't know if Im even making sense to you guys at this point but I hope your still with me) This inevitably leads to worrying and over thinking situations. I've heard it time and time again but old habits die hard.

I know there are so serious consequences to over thinking.. for example you can totally destroy situations as you may not have the whole story and you have managed to over think yourself in the worst one! You can actually make it happen (without meaning to) because your actions and reactions will change towards people also I believe in energy so I believe if you create negative energy you can actually create what you were trying to avoid. Finally the amount of unnecessary stress and anxiety can really takes its toll on you.

How can we fix this!? Well if there is some sort of quick fix then please let me know and I will forever be in your debt but the only way I really know how is redirection. Redirection of the mind and body. For example sometimes when I catch myself thinking about a certain subject that I know I can fall into the trap with I focus my attention on something else, like just thinking about the tasks I have to do that day or something exciting thats coming up. If that wont work ill watch TV, I also like colouring (It works my friend...frees your mind to come and go without paying total attention to it) or call a friend or get on my blog like Im doing right now.

Not all situations are that big or bad but sometimes the more you think about them the bigger they get until suddenly thats all you can see and the worst thing has already happened. For this I have one final tip (well I don't know if I would call these tips but its what I do) When your thinking and thinking about this, think about the worst case scenario. Whats the worst that could really happen!? Will you survive? Will life go on? Is everyone safe and healthy!? If the answer is yes then chances are there are much bigger problems we could be facing...    

Just sitting alone with my laptop I actually feel so much better about the situation.. I will survive, Life will go on & everyone is safe and healthy. Its really hard not to overthink but I think as long as you recognise it then you can help yourself. I might be right and worst case scenario could happen but you never know I could be wrong so..... That's life I guess. You have to take the good with the bad - What doesnt kill will make you stronger (& wiser)

Ok Im signing off.. & Im not even going to edit the content... just leave it raw..& add quote picks..
I hope this helps someone

Chat soon my loves x
Night night

Thank You For Reading


  1. I'm really trying to deal with my anxiety at the moment, but I certainly know what overthinking is like haha. I'm glad you dedicated a post to it, it's always nice to know there are people who understand x


  2. Thank you it was kind of a spontaneous post. I was driving myself crazy so I decided to just take out my laptop and write. There was something quite therapeutic about it to be honest even if it didnt solve all my problems. Im glad you enjoyed it & I hope it helped. Good Luck with everything, believe me you can and will get through it!! Loves of hugs x