Monday 18 January 2016

Organisation Month - A Life of List making!!

Hey There,

Welcome Back!! Show of hands who here is a slave to list making!? Brilliant, Im not the only one. For me, list making and completing is incredibly satisfying for a number of reasons. 

Once its on the paper its out of my head or at least straightened out. Sometimes when you are thinking about 101 things that you have to do at the same time the simple task of putting it on paper can make everything seem calmer and more organised. Just giving it a structure can do wonders for head. Another reason is because it can keep you motivated to get the items checked which makes you more productive meaning you are less likely to start a job and the leave half way through and start another one leaving you with a load of half finished jobs that you now have to go back and finish!     

Here are my little tips on list making - 

There are different types of lists you can make and my recommendation is that you do atleast one of them 

  • Monthly Overview - What does your month look like? Any important dates to remember?
  • Weekly Overview - Any important dates / appointments? Any important tasks to be completed?
  • Daily To-Do list - All the tasks you want/ to get completed by the end of the day   

I usually do all three (not so much the weekly one sometimes, apart from weekly finances) but it has now become part of my routine. If you know all the things that have to be done you now have a better idea of how your week is going to look & how much free time you will have for other things that you want to do. You are also more likely to feel better now that you know all the things that absolutely have to be done are going to be taken care of!! 

Categorize your lists

What is the point in having lists if they are as mixed up and messy as they are when they are in your head!? 

I like to Categorise them into
  • To-do
  • Finances
  • blogging
  • social

Even then I kind categorise my To-do sometimes, but there is no need to be that extreme that is just what I like to do.   

This way you can take a look at it and know where you are and what to do next. You can also add to and make changes to your list at any time.


Sometimes we have so much to do there isnt enough time in the day. instead of freaking out (I have a tendency to do this on the odd occasion) just prioritize & move some things around. Your List = Your Rules.

Use the list!

Yes this might seem obvious but sometimes we make the list and feel productive then never go back and look at it again (guilty of this myself) but why bother making it if your never going to use it. You can add a motivational element to it. For example something as simple as check boxes that are so satisfying to check off when a task is completed or a treat at the end of the day when your list is complete, which ever works best for you!!!

Thats my little bit of advice for list making! I hope it was helpful!!

Are you a list maker!?
Do you have any tips of tricks!?


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  1. To do:
    1. Sort out my life!
    2.... repeat step 1!
    3. Eat, sleep, shop....
    4. Go back to 1!

  2. To do:
    1. Sort out my life!
    2.... repeat step 1!
    3. Eat, sleep, shop....
    4. Go back to 1!