Wednesday 20 January 2016

Miweek Motivation - A time to look out for number 1!!

Hello my friends,

Today I want to talk about being selfish! Seems crazy right! I want to talk about looking after yourself and being a little selfish. The term selfish is always associated with negative connotations. Maybe selfish isnt even the right word that I should be using, but the way I mean it is ME time!

What I mean is.. we spend most of our lives worrying about other people and this is a good thing. We are all human and have the instincts to protect, love, care and nurture others. Thats the way it should be! Sometimes however we need to take a time out! Refresh and recuperate. Recharge those batteries.

I am a huge believer in taking some time for yourself! Not worrying for a while about everyone else and just worrying about what you want and what you need. Those who love you will understand and forgive you for it and your body and mind will thank you for it.

Recently I have decided to think about myself a little bit more. It really has been a long time since I just enjoyed myself. Not worried what people thought of me or what my next move was. Im queen on list making but I found I was planning so much that I had no time for things I just wanted to do making so many lists that I couldnt see past the week ahead, no future plans to look forward to. Constantly chasing my own tail and playing catch up and inevitably feeling guilty and disappointed when everything was not completed.

I have decided to think about my life a bit more.. what do I want to do? One of the things I promised myself to make happen in 2016 is to make sure that I always have something to look forward to even if it is just small. I mean I suppose its not possible to ALWAYS have something to look forward to but at least often enough. I want take some time every now and then when I just do something I WANT to do.. Just for me! Whether that be turn off my phone for a couple of hours and cut off from the world. Get my hair done! or even just go for a walk (whenever this weather decides to let up!!) I dont mean there has to be a lot of money spent or a lot of planning put into it just something that makes me feel happy & relaxed! Which I dont know about you but I find it very hard to relax & "go with the flow" I like to always know what my next move is going to be and I have the worst habbit of over thinking!!

I think this something that everyone should think about implementing in 2016.... Whats the worst that could happen eh!??

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