Sunday 3 January 2016

2016 - Goals & Resolutions

Hey There!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Once again welcome to my first post in of the year. 2016... how wierd is that to say!! I have a feeling that this year is going to be an awesome. You know why?? Because I plan on making it one. Last year was a complicated year and I learned many life lessons that is why I feel like this year is going to be a good one. I am stronger this year, I have grown! 2016 bring it on. 

My choices of goals for this year are going to reflect this "take on the world and make it a better place" attitude.  

Now if you read my last post you are probably thinking "You could just take your list from last year and complete that?" & You would be right I am going to continue to progress through that list until they are complete also but New Year - New List!! 

Here are my Goals and Resolutions for 2016

Blogging and Youtube

Yes this title is the same as last year and yes those goals are still in place but this year my aim is to try and spread more joy and happiness throughout my blogs and channel. Create more fun and laughter and a more welcoming place to be. Just have more fun with it! One of the series I want to do this year is one I saw on another blog (please forgive me, I cannot for the life of me remember which blog. Please leave it in the comments if you know!!!) & I thought it was a fantastic Idea! Basically every month you create a post talking about all the fantastic things that happened that month!! what a brilliant way to take stock each month & remember all the great things that are going on in your life instead of having them all pass you by. 

Plan Something to look forward to each month

This is also going to tie into blogging. Each month I want to plan something fun to do. I find that alot of the time I let life pass me by as I am so focused on all the things I HAVE to do, which dont get me wrong they are important too but once a month atleast everyone should be doing something that they WANT to do. 

Find a nice place to live

I have spent the past 4 months at home with the intention of finding a suitable place to move into after Christmas. Fun fact about me - I hate not having my own space and place. It makes me irritable that most of my stuff is in storage and Im antzy to move out. Dont get me wrong my parents are wonderful and have done everything to accommodate me but after 8 years living out of home it takes some getting used to. Also weirdly enough  its like a visualisation of the fact that your life isnt the way you thought it would be by now, you know? Anyway at first I decided that anywhere would do as long as I was safe and comfortable now the more I have stayed at home for a couple of months my opinion has changed I want to find the right place. lets face it, Its a lot money and at the end of the day you dont even own any of it so instead of rushing out the door Im going to find the right place for me! I mean I have a nice comfortable (albeit an inconvenient distance from work) place to live so why would I rush out to pay money for a place that was worse... makes no logical sense really!

Getting Healthier

Yes I know everyone says it this time of year but I really need to! I eat all the wrong foods, work crazy days and hours, rarely exercise properly or see fresh air or daylight. Its really not good. I have been thinking about alot recently but with Christmas and everything it just didnt seem possible. Now however everything is going to relax a little so I will have more time to plan and learn a new routine and way of living... #excited!!


Yes as many will know I am queen of lists but yet I still feel like I am behind myself a lot of the time, Im going to use January specifically to organise and tie up loose ends I have before I move out & I am going to take you with me on this journey next month as I am going to make January 2016 Organisation month here on my blog. I mean really what is the point in moving out if you are still catching up on yourself. When I move out I want to completely independant and have everything organised and sorted to the best of my ability!

Getting my car sorted

This something that I have wanted to do for so long now but I feel like something has always come up and pushed it aside. Well this year again with the theme of "Strong Independent Woman"  I want this to be one of the loose ends I tie up.

There comes a point in our lives where have to learn to be a grown up! By no means was I ever completely irresponsible (well within reason I guess) I mean I have lived out of home for 8 years, But I think this maybe my year to truely start sorting out all that adult stuff that we avoid!! Hey I might learn something new! & You never know It might even be fun! 

So thats the plan for my 2016 although lets face when do plans ever go according to plan!? Still though I am excited to see what this year has to offer as I said in the beginning - BRING IT ON!!!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season and I wish you all a fantastic New Year!!

Chat soon my Beauties x

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  1. Getting healthier is a big one for me, too! Christmas made me a little bit too 'nourished'! Recently gone veggie so that's helping!

    Jasmine Mcrae | UK beauty blog

  2. Its so tough isnt it! Good Luck! I dont think I could go veggie to be honest I love my meat too much but I definately want to include more veg into my diet as I think thats the food group that Im lacking the most!